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In honor of the men who have donated and spilled substantial amounts of blood in the cage over the years, a panel of Sherdog. com staff has selected MMAs Top 10 Bloodiest Battles.Replay! The UFCs Bloodiest Fight Of 2017 (Highlights) UFC Results: Joe Soto def. Rani Yahya by way of Unanimous Decision (2928, 2927, 2927) Check out a brief look back at the fights bloody aftermath in the social media post provided. bloodiest match in mma

Top 10 Bloodiest and Most Brutal MMA Fights Ever. MMA. Warning: This video is not for the squeamish. Oh my god, this is a horror movie, man. This is crazy Joe Rogan Related Items bloodiest fights. Scroll for more. Tap. Recent Articles. Video of the first confrontation between Khabib and

Feb 16, 2016  The match itself isnt any more violent than most womens matches, but early on, Ivory kicks Lita in the face and the steel catches Lita stiffly enough to take out a small piece of her face. Ivory punches Lita near the cut causing it to really break open, and before long, half Jun 14, 2018 Watch Brock Lesnar TOP 5 Bloodiest Knockouts in UFC& MMA Don't forget to like, Share& Subscribe to our channel. Like Us On Facebook: https: www. facebook. cbloodiest match in mma Oct 17, 2018 Here are just five of the bloodiest matches in the history of the WWE. # 5 Hulk Hogan Vs Vince McMahon (Street Fight, WrestleMania 19) Two of the biggest stars in wrestling.

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Listen and Download Brock Lesnar mp3 Up to date free Brock Lesnar songs by Mp3bearz. biz bloodiest match in mma Aug 22, 2016 The former WWE and UFC champion caught Orton flush with a pair of hellacious elbows and split him wide open, ending the match via TKO and leaving Orton to need 10 staples in his head. These Are The AllTime Bloodiest Of The Bloody WWE PayPerView Endings Nov 01, 2013 The top 20 bloodiest fights in UFC history New, 81 comments An article recently ran down the top 20 bloodiest fights in UFC history, and it's not half bad. Top 15 Bloodiest Matches in WWE History. Often jumping from more then 10 feet to the ground, getting hit with barbed wire bats, and going through announce tables, wrestlers are definitely more than just costume wearing athletes. Wrestling is one of the most physically demanding endeavors, and can take a heavy toll on the body after just one match. May 16, 2015  Top 15 Notoriously Bloody Matches In Wrestling History. Blading is not as vital as it used to be, nor has blood been a principle key of the product that mainstream wrestling is trying to sell. WWE hasnt allowed blood on their program for a few years now (even though Brock Lesnar was busted open at WrestleMania, followed by Daniel Bryan's wounds shortly after), while it happens less in TNA