Are tennis balls safe for dogs

2020-04-02 23:15

The materials used to make tennis balls for humans are subject to regulation, and toys made for dogs are not. Dog toys are often made outside of the country, and are sometimes full of toxic materials that could be more harmful than potentially abrasive tennis ball fuzz. Especially when consumed.Tennis balls are the quintessential modern dog toy. My dog can sniff them out of roadside ditches, and nothing gives her as much joy as chasing after them in a wide open field. However, tennis balls are a special toy in our household, reserved for supervised playtime. This is because, are tennis balls safe for dogs

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Apr 02, 2019  Tennis Balls Can Cause Dental Damage. Even if your dog doesnt try to eat his tennis ball, it may still cause him harm. The outer covering of a tennis ball is quite abrasive, so abrasive that it can wear down a dogs teeth sometimes severely. After years of this kind of wear and tear, it may become possible to see tennisballshaped grooves on the inside surface of a dogs canines that correspond Oct 18, 2016  Tennis balls used for the sport are regulated and contain no lead, while tennis balls made for dogs arent regulated and are more likely to contain lead. A nonprofit advocacy group called Ecology Center released a study in 2009 on over 400 products tested for toxic chemicals that included mercury, lead, chlorine, arsenic, cadmium and bromine.are tennis balls safe for dogs Apr 15, 2011 Several reliable sources make it clear: tennis balls are a safe, fun choice for your dogs, so don't sweat it. But do so with care by doing the following: Supervising play; Discarding split, weak tennis balls or fragments; Not alllowing you dog to tear off the felt with their teeth

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