Table tennis forehand loop wrist

2019-11-15 10:03

Oct 30, 2017 However, if you master the basic technique, you should also use the wrist in your forehand loop. This is a training session of a young player with Zhang Yining. She is considered one of the greatest female table tennis players in the history of the sport. You can see that the young player has a solid technique. Her forehand loop is very consistent.This is Episode 008 of the Ask a Table Tennis Coach podcasting. Today s problem comes from Gan and it is all about how to put wrist to your forehand loop. I individually use my hand a lot when I am hitting forehands to obtain more spin nevertheless I watch specialist players they appear to [ table tennis forehand loop wrist

I have suffered under an inconsistent forehand loop for quite some time and realize that, in part, it is because my wrist movesflexes on one or both axes Preventing Wrist Movement During Forehand Loop OOAK Table Tennis Forum

Sep 21, 2017 How to play Chinese Forehand Loop? How to do a powerful forehand topspin in table tennis? The old forehand technique which is mostly taught in table tennis club has some problems. I will show you the Chinese techniques of the forehand loop with consistency, spin, and power. Why Chinese players dominate the table tennis rally with their powerful loop and counter topspin? Jun 29, 2015 Position your wrist in a flexed position and you are able to hook the ball with your forehand loop. This adds sidespin to your loop and helps you to curve the ball wide to your opponents forehand side. Position your wrist in an extended position and you are able to fade the ball with your forehand loop. For many years this was my signature shot.table tennis forehand loop wrist

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