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2020-02-26 09:43

Mar 20, 2014  If only one value is read from the range then the variant doesn't create an array, which is why you get a type mismatch when trying to index it. Try checking if Badger is an array with IsArray(BadgerJan 19, 2014 When you access a multicell range, the Values for each item will be returned in a Variant Array. If you want to check each member of the array, you need to iterate through it. You can do by either iterating through each cell object; or by indexing through the array of values returned by rngETA. Value excel vba array variant type mismatch

Nov 23, 2016 Here is the variant array: ReDim ocup(1 To numDis, 1 To numSalas) As Variant For i 1 To numDis For j 1 To numSalas If capacidadeSalas(j) alunos(i) 0 Then ocup(i, j) 1 End If Next Next ReDim tsPeriodo(1 To numDis) As Variant For i 1 To numDis tsPeriodo(i)& tsInicio(i)& : & tsFim(i)& ) )) Next

Sub UseArrayIf() Dim arr As Variant ' Assign the range to an array arr ' Type mismatch will occur here If IsArray(arr) Then Debug. Print arr(1, 1) Else Debug. Print arr End If End Sub Dec 05, 2012  Excel VBA: Type mismatch when passing array. It's a bit longer, but being type safe will make your code run faster and make it much easier to read.excel vba array variant type mismatch Nov 14, 2018 I must be overlooking something. in Excel VBA I need to pass an array of type variant to a function, but I keep getting an error saying there is a Typemismatch error

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Jan 23, 2012 [RESOLVED [VBA Excel Type Mismatch: Array or userdefined type expected I'm using a split function to create an array of strings (based on Darren M's suggestion in this thread ). I have an array which I 'prefill' at the start of the code and later use a search function to compare its elements with a variable as follows: excel vba array variant type mismatch Thanks, that worked great. The thing that got me was that you can assign to a variant an array directly, but if you want to create it as it is in my routine, it has to be treated just as any other array would be and done with the redim statement. May 14, 2018 First of all, please excuse any of my not technically correct usage I've written a macro that cycles through departments for a selected store, creating a separate worksheet for each department, and then publishing as a PDF with each department on its own page. Depending on the store selected Is there something different I must do if there is Jun 26, 2018 I also have this problem, see here. I think that be applied to arrays containing different types of variables. I had a 100 X 2 array containing double type in the first column and string in the second one. I could not use application. Index to paste contents from my array to the excel sheet, even if I selected contents of the same type (from just column 1 or 2). Feb 12, 2012 thanks guys. i did some reading as well and while i understand that the () means the array will be dynamic what i dont understand (and pardon me if you explained it and i dont understand yet) is if i change the code from