Oracle racing boat accident

2020-04-06 11:06

May 10, 2013  This was the second major accident involving an AC72 in the last seven months. On Oct. 16, a yacht owned by Oracle Team USA, which represents theSep 16, 2013 Capsizes, crashes, bow down dives and 60 knot crosses during the current 34th Americas Cup. Oracle Team USA, Emirates team New Zealand and Artemis Racing all experienced heart stopping moments. oracle racing boat accident

The Oracle crash last October happened in much worse conditions, and in much rougher seas. Artemis may have the parts and resources needed to rebuild its boat before racing begins in July

Jun 14, 2011  Oracle Racing has praised the natural amphitheater provided by San Francisco Bay in the hopes that it will allow many more people to witness the capabilities and technology of May 21, 2017 The accident apparently occurred just after 1 p. m. during a early, small boat race off Bay Head. The accident occurred on the second turn of the race. The racer who list his life was identified as David Raabe, of Lacey Township. He was one of two men racing in the Repeat Offender boat when it was hit by the CRC Smith Brothers racing boat accident May 10, 2013  Sailor dies when America's Cup boat capsizes outfitted with multimilliondollar racing boats that can achieve speeds of 45 mph are challenging defending champions Oracle Racing

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