How to match foundation to your skin color

2020-02-18 03:45

Sep 26, 2014  The best area to match is your neck. That way when youre wearing the foundation, the transition from face to neck is seamless, and you avoid the dreaded foundation line along your jaw. Apply a swipe of the shade youre considering from your cheek down to your neck. The right shade should disappear into your skin.MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN. Oftentimes, a foundation straight out of the bottle wont match your skin perfectly. Remedy this dilemma by taking two foundations that are both close to your skin tone and mix them together (a pump or two of each on the back of the hand) to achieve the perfect color how to match foundation to your skin color

Apr 27, 2018 There are three kinds of undertones. If your skin appears more yellow, than you're probably warm. If your skin looks pink, then you're likely on the cool side. Also, it helps to always test this, as well as actual foundation swatches, in natural light to see the most accurate color reading.

Thats why this time I asked the experts at Sephora inside JCPenney to show me the way to choose the perfect foundation match for my skin! (And how you can do the same for yours! ) First, find your Color IQ. Your Sephora product consultant will start by checking your skins moisture type to see if you have dry, normal, or oily skin. how to match foundation to your skin color

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