Stinky tennis shoes freezer

2019-09-15 20:04

Jan 24, 2011  Although Ive tried every lotion, potion and powder (ecofriendly and not) over my years on this earth, my sneakers have always suffered from a serious case of the stinkies. I pretty much live in them, but no one wants smelly shoes, even if theyve seen some serious action! After rereading this past post of Maxwells, it dawned on me: if the freezer works for pants, why not shoes, too?Jan 21, 2015  The freezer method. Take the pair of smelly shoes and place them into a plastic bag, dont forget to seal them tightly. Place the bag into the freezer overnight and thaw the next day in the sun. Extreme cold, just like extreme heat, can take out bacteria. Does it work? stinky tennis shoes freezer

You will no longer have to worry about your stinky shoes and the effect they are going to have inside your house anymore. Best Products to Remove Shoe Odour Fast. Instead of DIYing your way out of the mess of smelly shoes, you can simply buy a product for shoe odor

Sep 21, 2012 How to Eliminate Odor from Smelly Shoes. Shoes can get smelly easily, especially if you walk a lot throughout the day. Shoe odor can be an embarrassing problem and buying new shoes can be expensive. There are plenty of ways to eliminate Jan 30, 2011 Shoes in The Freezer How To Detoxify Your Stinky Shoes. a couple boxes of Green Giant vegetables and one really old pair of New Balance tennis shoes. Why , you ask? and that putting your shoes in the freezer would kill the bacteria, unarming your them from their nostrilterrorizing powers. And it worked wonders.stinky tennis shoes freezer Nov 28, 2012 To avoid the embarrassment of having your sneakers or high heels stink up a room, Yahoo found an interesting way to deodorize smelly shoes. First apply a generous amount of baking soda into the soles. Then, place the shoes into a plastic bag. After, just place them in the freezer and leave them overnight. The next morning you can shake the

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Stinky tennis shoes freezer free

A smelly shoe or sneaker is no match for the power of baking soda. Liberally sprinkle soda in the offending loafer or laceup and let it sit overnight. Dump out the powder in the morning. (Be stinky tennis shoes freezer I actually just tried to put a pair of my stinky shoes in to the freezer to see so that my information would be accurate, and according to my results, no. I believe this is the reason: Body odor Horrible shoe odor is the result of bacteria multiplying in the sweaty environment of your shoe. To get rid of smelly shoes, you need to destroy the bacteria. These tips on deodorizing smelly shoes and the homemade, allnatural shoe deodorizing powders below, will help. How to Clean Smelly Shoes Deodorizing Canvas or Fabric Shoes Apr 04, 2011 How to Freshen Smelly Shoes. Funky feet and smelly shoes can lead to annoyance, embarrassment, and can prove to be a huge social hurdle that can alienate you whether you like it or not. So form a plan of attack to freshen smelly shoes so Anyone ever put stinky sneakers in a freezer to kill the smell? Posted by Chicken on at 3: 14 pm. 0 0. He told me that he had heard on the radio that you can put stinky shoes in a freezer for a few days and the smell will completely go away. Putting smelly tennis shoes gets bad smell out of freezer. Back to top. Reply. Replies