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A Super Beetle front suspension is ideal for road racing (MacPherson Struts) and an IRS rear suspension. However, you are using a square tube chassis rather than a stock pan car. If you change your mind on that, Topline in Anaheim, Ca are experts on the Superbeetle suspension and have a large selection of parts for lowering the front of the superbeetle.R101R VW Beetle and VW Super Beetle Baja Racing Rear Fenders. These bolt above the original bolt holes. super beetle road racing

K105S Beetle VW Broad Eye One Piece Front End Off Road, Not Super BeetlesLIGHTWEIGHT NEW 295. 00. Add To Cart. R101R VW Beetle and VW Super Beetle Baja Racing Rear Fenders. 169. 95. WHEN ORDERING FROM A

History of The Volkswagen Super Beetle Road and Track magazine did a head to head comparison between the VW Beetle and the Toyota Corolla. Unfortunately for Volkswagen the Corolla did it all better and for less money too. White was Germany's national racing color so this 1303 came with Alpine white paint, Opal (white) upholstery and a Aug 14, 2016  This video shows you a superfast VW Beetle on the dragstrip! It did some burnouts and challenges with other (super)cars! This is filmed in Germany, Meinerzhagen! Feel free tosuper beetle road racing Jun 26, 2013 My car is set up for road racing and handles like a go cart. KYB Gas Adusts shocks, front and rear disk brakes, front and rear heavy duty anti sway bars. 195 tires on all four. Dropped front spinles 2 12 drop. Most all run T4 engines. The Euro guy also are big into Super Bugs with their Mac Pherson front ends for higher speeds.

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Feb 17, 2011 air cooled type 1 vw bug, Panama's 2006, 2007 GT2 champ, invited to RED BULL'S F1 show at calle 50 in 2007 super beetle road racing Aug 13, 2014  Homebuilt, RallyInspired Super Beetle Fits Just Right. By the time I decided to start building, it was more of a shopping list and set of assembly instructions then a traditional project car. Ironically, the hardest thing to find was a rustfree 71 or 72 Super Beetle. In order to end up with a full set of German Factory sheet metal for the car, Brazil was one of the few countries that manufactured the Volkswagen Beetle. I was surrounded by them. One of the cities I lived in had a race track and they used to run Copa Fusca, which means Beetle Cup, a race class just for road racing Vdub Bugs. Some of these photos also come from the German version, the Kafer Cup series. Mar 22, 2016  VW Engine and Transmission Modifications. Add an Oil Filter: The stock engine has a strainer, but not a filter. You can extend your engines oil change intervals from the original 1000 miles, to 3000 miles by adding a real oil filter. There are two ways to do this: Use a Filter Pump Assembly. Vintage Speed Engine Lid Extension (Deck Lid Stand Off), 1968 and Newer Beetle and Super Beetle, holds the bottom of the decklid latched about 3 OPEN, secure but allowing cool air into your hot engine compartment! This will improve airflow& cooling.