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Home Page for the Lido 14 Class Association website with regatta news, classified ads, Forum, photos and videos and a Library full of resourcesLido 14. We have a fleet of Lido 14s which we use for the Beginning Sailing and Intermediate Lido classes as well as a youth sailing camps. . The first Lido 14 dinghy was built by the W. D. Schock Corporation in 1958 to satisfy the demands of Newport Bay lido 14 racing sails

LIDO14. ORG This website is dedicated to the Lido 14 sailboat, a family friendly day sailor loved by many Do you have questions about sailing or maintaining the Lido 14? If so, please take a look at the articles in the Lidopedia section and if you still don't find the answers you are looking for, please email [email protected] org and we'll see what we can do to help you out.

Jun 12, 2013 The Lido 14 Class Association was formed to maintain the strict one design nature of racing Lidos and promote all aspects of family, fun Lido 14 sailing and racing. At its inception the boat was a sleeper, a 14ft. beamy lowperformance centerboard daysailor that rarely planed or capsized. RACING GUIDES. www. ullmansails. com. Lido 14 Racing Guide. By Dave Ullman and John Papadopoulos. May 30, 2008 Edition. Quick Tune. Use these parameters for a quick, allpurpose setup.lido 14 racing sails Lido 14 extra sails and rudder, electric outboard 1200 (Oakland) I am selling a Lido 14 (Sail# 2961) with 2 sets of sails (one original and the other is brand new), 3 rudders (one custom made but unfinished), an electric 14lb outboard, and a canvas hull cover.

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Lido 14. Online ordering is available only in the USA. Nonstocking sails are built to order and will be shipped according to estimated delivery date. lido 14 racing sails Lido 14 Class Info. Quantums Lido 14 Class Sails are the benchmark for this venerable, familyfriendly class. Our sails are fast, easy to use, and technologically superior to all others. The results make it clear: Quantum customers have dominated both club and National Championships for the past few decades. Sep 04, 2014  The Lido 14 stands a stately 14 long with a 6 beam at the widest point. Dry hull weight is 310lbs, making it downright portly compared to the C420 or CFJ. Not designed as a racing boat, the Lido 14 gained popularity amongst racers in California, Oregon and Washington State as well as several other smaller groups spread across the country. Lido 14 Classifieds: Lido 14 trailer for sale in Incline Village, Lido 14 Sailboat and Trailer in San Luis Obispo, 1978 Lido 14 Sailboat in Mendocino, Lido 14 in Eugene. She has been well maintained by an owner who used the boat for some fun family sailing and low key racing. This Lido has experienced some impressive race results it the DoubleWave is THE leading resource for virtually all matters concerning the Lido 14. We can help you get your Lido 14 up to the standards of operation you desire at a great price. We also provide our extensive knowledge on the Lido 14 to all callers to help them in their Lido 14 decision making.