Next level racing gtxtreme v2

2020-02-21 12:17

Next Level GTxtreme V2 Racing Simulator Cockpit Please Note: this is for the simulator only. Racing wheel, gear shifter, pedal set, carpet and monitor are NOT included andFeb 18, 2012 I have the V1. 0, bought approx. 12 months ago for use with my G27 from the same mob on the Gold Coast but it has no strut supports. They are an awesome unit regardless I am getting a mate of mine (works for 888 Racing, fabricator) to make up support bars for it so it will be similar to the V2. 0, as my biggest issue with the V1. 0 is the wheel mount plate bounces like crazy when FFB is set to 10. next level racing gtxtreme v2

Next Level Racing GTultimate V2 Simulator Cockpit Not only perfect for your home but what professionals have used for serious racing including Red Bull Racings Mad Mike Whiddett, Professional Rally Driver Ricardo Costa Jnr. , GTacademy International Winner Matt Simmons& many more

Sep 28, 2012  Thats where Next Level Racing steps in with their off the shelf ready to assemble simulator cockpits. They currently offer two flavours the GTpro and GTxtreme, with the only key difference being the chair used in each rig. While both are bucket seats, the GTxtreme goes a little further offering a full body hugging racing chair. AUSTRALIA'S# 1 RACING SIMULATOR. The Next Level Racing Gtxtreme has been featured in TOP GEAR, Gizmodo, Games. on. net and more. FREE SHIPPING AUSTRALIA WIDEnext level racing gtxtreme v2 Feel the Motion Platform V3. The worlds most advanced consumer motion platform. Complete with click and play Next Level Racing Software. This is a professional grade

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