Redirectmatch syntax apache

2020-04-03 21:52

Dec 21, 2012 RedirectMatch Directive. RedirectMatch works in the same manner as the Redirect directive does, but, as you probably guessed, it uses a regular expression instead of a prefix as the source URL. This gives you a more flexible means of matching URLs. For example, to redirect all requests for GIF images to another server, you can use the following rule:The ScriptAlias directive has the same behavior as the Alias directive, except that in addition it marks the target directory as containing CGI scripts that will be processed by modcgi's cgiscript handler. URLs with a casesensitive (decoded) path beginning with URLpath will be mapped to scripts beginning with the second argument, which is a full pathname in the local filesystem. redirectmatch syntax apache

Apr 16, 2013  Is there not a way of putting the redwidgets for example into one command to redirect to allredwidgets? Yes, there is. In fact your rules as written don't even require RedirectMatch

Dec 15, 2016 In Apache, you can accomplish simple, singlepage redirects using the Redirect directive, which is included in the modalias module that is enabled by default on a fresh Apache installation. This directive takes at least two arguments, the old URL and the new URL, and can be used to create both temporary and permanent redirects. Apache RedirectMatch find and replace. In a more complicated example, you can also use the Apache RedirectMatch syntax to find patterns in the URL pattern you're trying to match, and then use what you found in the URL you're redirecting users to. You do this with a similar pattern: (. )redirectmatch syntax apache

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