St6 racing

2020-02-18 03:46

Not sure what cars will be showing up in ST6 but any PTF and PTE cars will fit in here as well as Spec Miata. Spec e30 is classed as a ST5 car due to original HP ratings. I plan to run Spec and ST6 all year since it will only require 1 car. ST6 does allow the use of Hoosier R7 tires.Racing transaxle for midengine applications. Weighing in at pounds (depending on configuration) the Albins ST6M is a strong, efficient 6speed sequential racing transaxle featuring a set of drop gears for quick, simple ratio changes. The ST6M borrows the proven 6speed sequential gear section from the original ST6 that was developed for V8 Supercars, but relocates st6 racing

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Strong, compact 6speed sequential racing gearboxess. The highly adaptable Albins ST6 gearbox was originally designed for Australia's V8 Supercars. The base 6speed gear section can be configured to an inline transmission, rearmount transaxle or midmount transaxle. Standard drop gears provide quick, efficient ratio changes. With its innovative design and adaptors, the ST6 Where: Six days in the Canadian Rockies, Kootenays and Okanagan. Locations will change from yeartoyear. While some locations may be included in multiple years, they may not be featured every year. With so many amazing places to ride, ST6 will look to visit as many of them as possible in the next six years. Format: Solo and teams of two.st6 racing Dec 18, 2014  march 2021 first shutup& race headhunter dragway 3000 streetcar shootout get there early. . always pack

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