Prince of tennis fuji vs captain

2019-09-19 10:15

Tennis vs. Ping Pong Tezuka Kunimitsu vs. Fuji Syusuke: : 10: Seriousness in the Third Year OVA 13: Deathmatch King vs Prince: : Season 9# Name Originally Aired Image; 1: OVA 14: Fudoumine vs. Shitenhouji BattleKunimitsu Tezuka (, Tezuka Kunimitsu) is a thirdyear who is currently the captain of the Seigaku tennis team. He is known to be a Nationallevel player and has been noted by many characters in the series to be one of the toughest opponents in their era. prince of tennis fuji vs captain

Syusuke Fuji, Fuji Shsuke is a third year student at Seigaku and a regular of their tennis team. He's given the title genius due to his tactical skill on the court. Fuji has light brown hair and bright blue eyes (brown in the manga). He's usually seen with his eyes shut closed, all

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