Number of bridge players in the world

2020-03-30 08:25

Apr 26, 2009 How many players& how many clubs play bridge in the world? Showing 138 of 38 messagesDec 28, 1998 Continue reading the main story. Around the world, the number of bridge players has been growing steadily, but in North America the number is slipping. In the last two years the membership of the American Contract Bridge League has dropped by slightly more than 1 percent and is now slightly more than 166, 000. number of bridge players in the world

Blackwood Award individuals who have contributed greatly to the game of bridge without necessarily being world class players (19 people to 2014) Nominees in the Open category must have attained the age of 60 by 1 January of the year of the induction ceremony.

Apr 04, 2008 However, these days, it is commonly believed that he was not as good as people used to think, and that others were the best bridge players at the time. Judging by reputation, the player who would probably win the biggest number of votes as the world's best bridge player is the 69 years old Robert Hamman from the USA. Dec 11, 2013 Sweden's Players1000 population should be high too. I seem to recall historical information that suggested 10 of HHs in North America the USA play bridge. There are 114. 7 MM HHs in the USA, so we might expect anywhere from 2336 MM people play the game in the USA.number of bridge players in the world ALL WBF RANKINGS WBF Open Ranking (by MPs) WBF Womens Ranking (by MPs) WBF Seniors Ranking (by SPs) WBF All Time Open Ranking (by PPs) WBF All Time Womens Ranking (by PPs) WBF All Time Senior Ranking (by SPs) WBF Online Ranking

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