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2020-01-27 16:27

On December 14, 2013, Tiny Meeker benchpressed 1102 lbs. at the Cajun Hardcore Powerlifting Meet in Buna, Texas. Tiny Meeker already held the world record for the bench press with his previous record of 1077 lbs. , which he set in April 2013.Interview with World Record Holder Tiny Meeker (First man to bench press over 1, 100lbs. ) Interviewed by CB reporter Ben Tatar. Tiny Meeker is the first and only man to bench press 1, 100lbs. Tiny benched an astounding 11, 02lbs and he gave 1, 135lbs a ride. Tiny is also the World Record Holder for tiny meeker workout routine

Tiny Meeker's Power Station at Monster Gym Kingwood TX. Achieve more than you ever thought possible in your workouts with Tiny Meeker Training. Get trained by the World's Strongest Bench Presser: Tiny Meeker! GET STRONGER CONTACT TINY TODAY

The workouts here have only four moves per session, but they'll be anything but easy. If you're the type who's used to light circuits or bodybuilding routines that try to isolate every muscle, this is just what you need to grow. Rest. Getting eight hours of sleep per night is crucial for growthhormone release. Dec 16, 2013 The most popular bodybuilding message boards! Store Articles Workout Plans Articles Workout Planstiny meeker workout routine Aug 06, 2016  Id like to know what Chad Wesley means by saying icing is bad? Im so curious to hear this one. Icing speeds recovery, reduces swelling and has been a staple in my post workout regiment for many years. Tiny Meeker was the one that insisted I start to ice and esp. the shoulders, and in

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Jan 01, 2014 READ OUR WIKI. RULESHOW NOT TO GET BANNED. Get Flair. The Leaderboard. Our Instagram. Your thread belongs on the main board: It's a meet reportIt's an interesting article or video of an elite or interesting lift relevant to the sportIt's a program reviewIt's a thread that promotes community discussion. Your thread belongs in the daily thread or one of the other weekly threads: tiny meeker workout routine Jun 16, 2016  Though it took a special supportive shirt to get there, Paul Tiny Meeker set the world record for heaviest presses in your workout for the best results training into your routine. Paul Tiny Meeker Interview by Tom McCullough: Published in Powerlifting USA March 1999 TM: Tiny, could you give the readers a little background about your life? PM: Yeah, I was born May 28, 1971, in Houston, Texas. Since then I have lived most all of my life in Humble, Texas. I But if you're willing to take a tiny step beyond your comfort barrier, you'll be on the road to some fantastic fitness progress. So now that you know the key components of what makes for a successful machine workout program, here are a few routines to follow. 5777 N. Meeker Ave. Boise ID USA. Feb 11, 2017  Paul Meeker, AKA Tiny Meeker was born May 28, 1971 in Houston, Texas. He stands 5 feet, 9 inches tall; weighs about 320 pounds. A tape around his triceps would read 24 inches; around his forearms, nearly 20 inches. For all those who dont know about this monster, Tiny Meeker is the greatest bench presser of all time.