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Grip Size. 4 (0) (2) Head Size. 82 sq in 529 sq cm (1) 92 sq in 593. 5 sq cm (2) 95 sq in 612. 9 sq cm (4) 100 sq in 645. 2 sq cm (4) 106 sq in 683. 9 sq cm (2) Series. Pro Staff (1) Ultra (2)Junior Tennis Rackets. 26 products. View all Tennis Rackets. Choose from one of the many junior tennis rackets in various sizes and styles available to order online today. We stock top brand such as slazenger and dunlop at discount prices so you can have the best for less! Size. Click to close. Reset 19 Inch (9) 21 Inch (12) 9 year old tennis racket size

May 24, 2019 Adult racquets come as light as 8 ounces these days, but racquets lighter than 10 ounces start approaching too small a multiple of the weight of the ball. An average 12yearold usually hits quite comfortably with a racquet weighing 1011 ounces strung.

Check the general sizing guidelines as a starting point. Most manufacturers provide basic sizing recommendations based on age or height. Junior rackets start at 15 inches and go up in twoinch increments to 27 inches. For example, for a 5yearold child who stands 3 feet, 11 inches, the appropriate size racket is typically between 19 and 21 inches. Nov 07, 2007 Junior racquets are shorter and lighter than adult sized racquets. I would take them to your local sporting goods store and have them hold a few. Your ten year old might be strong enough to start with a light adult size racquet, probably something around 9 oz.9 year old tennis racket size The length of a tennis racquet is another characteristic that will vary from racquet to racquet. Typically, tennis racquets with range in length from 2729 inches. Currently 29 inches or 73. 66 cm is the maximum length allowed during both professional and nonprofessional competitive tennis. When evaluating racquets three topics usually come up: reach, maneuverability and power.

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Mar 16, 2015 MyTennisLessons makes finding a kids tennis racket easier with our simplified guide. metroeasttennis. com. Ages 67 23 inches. Children who are learning to play tennis for the first time need a lightweight model with a small grip and large head size. These features will make it easier for them to grip and swing the racket as well as connect 9 year old tennis racket size Racquet sizes range from 21 inches for a 3 or 4 years old to 26 inches for a 10 year old. Once a child hits about 5 feet tall they should move on to the 27 inch adult racket. Make sure the racket isnt too heavy, or else your child wont want to hold it or swing it around for long. A light weight racket is best. Junior tennis racket finder. It is very important that young tennis players learn to play tennis using the correct tennis racket. A senior tennis racket is not suited for children because it is usually too long and heavy, which will result in the wrong type of strokes being learnt and possible injury. And make sure to check out the Tennis Racquet Reviews page for more information, and then browse our wide selection of tennis racquets, to get the best match for your grip. Measuring Your Grip Size Here is an old trick among tennis pros: determine your grip size Jun 23, 2017  Awesome racket. I have a beginning player; 9 years old. Shes pretty small, so I got a 23. Also bought one for a little 6 year old; size 21. The tennis instructor commented on what nice rackets the girls had! Great price too! It comes with a nice bag too!