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Hopefully someone here can help, there are a few holes in our ceiling due to a rewire and I'm looking to match in the existing wallpaper. Only problem is that the paper was put up by the previous owners (now passed away) and I am struggling to find the same pattern.Hanging wallpaper is a good doityourself project, but wallpapering corners to make them look perfect can be a challenge. Get great results on wallpapering inside and outside corners by following these tips for a professional finish. Wallpapering inside corners Never wrap wallpaper more than 12 inch around an inside corner with a drop. Even if [ how to match patterned wallpaper

Drop match patterns When you see a drop match symbol it means the pattern is staggered so the next drop matches up (usually) half way down the first. Put your first drop back on the pasting table, then unroll the next length so the pattern matches on the near side and cut to match the top of the previous drop.

Determining Pattern Repeat. Pattern repeat is the distance between 2 matching design elements on a roll of wallpaper. This distance helps determine how many rolls you will need. Example: Assuming a room of 380 square feet: No Repeat: 380 sq ft. 25 sq ft of usable wallpaper Before cutting the patterned wallpaper, you should first check and determine the start of the pattern in order to avoid cutting into the pattern or ending up with half a pattern repeat, as this would be detrimental to the overall effect. It would be ideal to have a complete image of the basic pattern or a complete pattern repeat to begin to match patterned wallpaper Matching colors of wall paint or wallpaper patterns with the room furniture and decor accessories is an essential consideration for modern interior design. When you use a new wall paint color or modern wallpaper patterns for your wall design, adding home furnishings in matching

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Match your first drop to your plumb line and allow for extra wallpaper for trimming Once applied smooth out your wallpaper and trim Match the pattern by sliding in to place For internal corners, apply your wallpaper and smooth in to the corner of your wall For External corners, apply and wrap around your corner, the smooth on to your wall how to match patterned wallpaper Step Two The Best Techniques for Hanging Wallpaper. Apply Wallpaper Paste. Photo by Kolin Smith. Paint the whole room with a wall primersizer. Hold them both on the wall and adjust the paper to match the pattern on the wall. Hold the paper and turn the plate face down. Cut off the corners 18 inch away from the plate. Wrap the paper When choosing a wallpaper, remember that some patterns are harder to match. People tend to focus on the center of a wall, the interval between windows, and anything at eye level, so pay special attention to matching patterns at these points. StripesSo long as you are able to hang fullwidth strips of paper, these are the easiest patterns to match. This match features more complex patterns and it will greatly depend on the pattern repeat as to how many rolls will be required. The most difficult designs to hang, a decorator should always be consulted before buying this type of wallpaper. May 22, 2011 Choose an appropriate pattern for the room. While it'll take some extra time to hang, patterned wallpaper can add a unique theme to any room. If you want to buy a wallpaper with a distinctive pattern, make sure you take care to matchup the pattern and avoid clashing.