Prince of tennis ova sanada vs yukimura

2020-01-21 17:09

Photo of Yukimura& Sanada for fans of Prince of Tennis. Prince of Tennis Club Join New Post. Add interesting content and earn coins. yukimura. sanada. seiichi. genichirou. This Prince of Tennis photo contains anime, comic book, manga, and cartoon. 1.Ok so the OVA is out. let's discuss the match and the new info on black aura and yukimura's playstyle. Do you want to take the OVA as cannon prince of tennis ova sanada vs yukimura

Sep 19, 2018 For Yourself by Yukimura Seiichi Yukimura Seiichi vs Sanada Genichirou Arc New Prince of Tennis Special EP. 2 AMV

Regulars since their first year, Yukimura, Sanada Genichirou and Yanagi Renji led the team to two consecutive National titles. Last winter, Yukimura's promising career hit a snag when he fell ill to a debilitating neural disease, GuillianBarre Syndrome. On the day of the Kantou finals, Yukimura underwent surgery at Kanai General Hospital. Sanada didnt think about how Atobe could have possibly known Rikkais after school practice had been cancelled. When Sanada arrived Atobe was already waiting, tennis uniform and all. Sanada pretended not to glance appreciatively at Atobes legs, but Atobe was unparalleled when it came to reading her opponents and smirked knowingly at her.prince of tennis ova sanada vs yukimura

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