Iracing lotus 79 paint

2020-02-23 07:06

Nov 12, 2009  The below are the notes that Volker Hackmann posted on the iRacing Forums. You can find Volkers setups at Theres two kinds of adjustments, set and leave ones that you can use at every track, and trackspecific ones. Lets start with the former. Tire pressures: 10 psi (which is the lowest possible value) at [iRacing Lotus 79 Setups. iRacing Lotus 79 Setups. BW Lotus 79 Barber (1. 5 KiB)Current(1. 5 KiB) BW Lotus 79 Barber (1. 5 KiB) JoyCalib (788. 0 B) Controls (13. 3 KiB) BW Lotus 79 Barber (1. 5 KiB) BW Lotus 79 Montreal (1. 5 KiB) BW Lotus 79 Montreal (1. 5 KiB) iracing lotus 79 paint

Jan 28, 2018 If you ever want to be humbled then the Lotus 79 series is the place to be. If you enjoy the video then please hit that like button! iRacing Back In The BEAST Lotus 79 Jimmy Broadbent

The Lotus 79 was the logical successor to the revolutionary Lotus 78, the first race car to utilize ground effects by accelerating the speed of air flowing under its venturishaped sidepods to create previously unimaginable levels of downforce. Trending Newest Painters Hall of Fame Paint of the Week. Create Account Sign In. Search Showroom. The custom car painting platform for the iRacing community. Trading Paints adds custom car liveries to iRacing. Design your own cars or race with paint schemes shared from painters in the community. 2011 Kia Optima Lotus 49 Lotus 79 Lucas Oiliracing lotus 79 paint Welcome to the most demanding and rewarding car in iRacing! What made the Lotus 79 a legend in the real 1978 Formula 1 season is also what sets it apart from the other iRacing cars. Most of you have some experience with the Star Mazda or the Williams FW31.

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