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Essential Tennis Terms to Know. Tennis, like any sport, has its own lingo, and tennis uses perhaps the most wellknown sports term love, which means zero. The following list offers definitions of basic tennis terms: foot fault: You commit a foot fault when your foot (or any other part of your body, for that matter) touches the baselineFoot fault a fault caused by the server stepping on or across his base line or the center line before striking the ball with his racquet. Hold server winning the game. Let a serve is called a let when the ball hits the net cord but still lands in the service court. tennis terms foot fault

foot fault. What Is The Definition Of Foot Fault In Tennis? 1. A player is penalized with a foot fault if he or she steps on or outside the boundaries for the serving area. The boundaries for the serve are the baseline and the extensions of the sideline and the center mark. If a player commits a foot fault, they are allowed a second serving opportunity.

Jul 05, 2011 Foot Fault. Change position by walking or running. Although slight movements of the feet are allowed. Touch the baseline, or the court, with either foot. Touch the area on the other side of an imaginary extension of the sideline. Touch the imaginary extension of the center mark with either foot. If the server commits any of these actions, Sep 14, 2009 Former Line Umpire Explains Foot Faults In Tennis At the U. S. Open semifinal on Saturday, Serena Williams launched a profanitylaced tirade at a lineswoman who called a foot fault, resulting in atennis terms foot fault Foot Fault. A foot fault occurs when a server places their foot over the baseline while making a serve. Forecourt. The forecourt refers to the area of between the service line and the net. Forehand. For many players the forehand is their best stroke. It is a tennis swing hitting the ball from behind the body. G

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Tennis Terms. Fault During a serve, when the ball does not land inside the service area on the full. The player loses a point after two consecutive faults. Linesman Official who sits in a chair along lines of the court to call whether balls are in or out. tennis terms foot fault foot fault: You commit a foot fault when your foot (or any other part of your body, for that matter) touches the baseline or center line during your serve. You automatically lose the service attempt when you foot fault. serve: A stroke, made from over your head, which you use to start each point. forehand: The side of your body that you perform most tasks on. Glossary of tennis terms. foot fault: Type of service fault in which a player, during the serve, steps on or over the baseline into the court before striking the ball. A foot fault may also occur if the player steps on or across the center hash mark and its imaginary perpendicular extension from the baseline to the net. If you want to be a tennis player then you should be familiar with almost all of these terms! Tennis Terms. Ace. A serve that lands inside the lines and is untouched by the opponent. Advantage. The point that follows a deuce score. If the player wins this point he wins the game, otherwise it goes back to deuce! AdCourt. The left side of the tennis court. So, what is a foot fault in tennis? A foot fault occurs when one player steps over, or on the baseline during a serve before making contact with the ball. Though difficult to call in some situations, any contact with the line at all is considered a foot fault, and will be called if observed.