Riss racing 135i intake

2020-02-23 07:04

They will weigh in at around 18lbs each for the staggard setup. Next up, we are going to be working with the guys at RISS Racing to install their cold air intake kit and plenum. We will be doing some before and after dynos to showcase the performance of these products.Benefits from a 135i intake: increased torque and acceleration. 135i intake systems let condensed air in. Your engine will love your new 135i intake. 135i intake is the ultimate addition more the money. 135i intake is the best mod for the money. Because your stock 135i intake doesn't condense the air your engine doesn't perform like it can. A riss racing 135i intake

Aug 17, 2016 VRSF Downpipe and Riss Racing Catback with muffler delete and quad tips. Mods: BMS Intake JB4 Cobb Chargepipe VRSF Downpipe Riss Racing Catback On 91 Pump Gas on DCT N55 135i.

To finish off the intake on our Project 135I, we also added the RISS Racing intake plenum which is designed to use the ducting to direct air flow directly on to the K& N filter. The intake plenum is an aluminum construction and mounts in place of the factory unit. Check out the pics! Jan 18, 2010 Riss Racing 135i downpipeback exhaust system. Mated perfectly with the iCarbon rear diffuser, the match is pictureperfect. The power that comes out of the exhaust yields in the neighborhood ofriss racing 135i intake Feb 19, 2009 Review: Riss Racing 135i Intake Plenum. Login Register. FORUMS. 1. F20 F21 Model Year: 2012 Previous Generations

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