Tourna tennis trainer

2019-10-15 21:00

Pick up the games fundamentals by mastering your shot and reaction time with the Tourna FillnDrill Tennis Trainer. Outfitted with a rubber cord to instantly return the ball to your original spot, this training tool helps develop proper positioning and footwork when executing forehand returns toDec 14, 2018 Fill& Drill tennis trainer is superior to other Tennis Trainers because: 1. when filled with water, the base becomes heavier than any other tennis trainer on the market. DOES NOT SKID. Not all tennis trainers are heavy enough. 2. Its very easy to add and empty out water with the FillnDrill, but with many other bases, that's not the case. tourna tennis trainer

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Tourna Fill and Drill Tennis Trainer. FillnDrill Tennis Trainer: When filled with water, the base becomes heavier than any other Tennis Trainer on the market. Very light when empty, it can be stored in players bags and taken along. Elastic rubber cord winds Pete Sampras Tourna Tennis Trainer. Training aid designed to help beginning and junior players develop handeye coordination. Ideal for practice in confined areas such as small yards and driveways. Tennis ball is attached to the weight via and elastic string so it springs back to the player after each stroke and is ideal for practice alone.tourna tennis trainer

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