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2019-12-13 10:33

May 20, 2015 Blackshot iMrPresidenT Gaming Channel. Hello Guys New Youtube Channel. Beware Clan ecencY in clan war match. Too obvius you hack friend: ). And Sorry because we racist.Feb 16, 2018 [email protected] Sniper spam 2 Match Duration: 7: 28. Songyew BlackShot Clan War GhostArmy vs GameShowdown Blackshot Papaya 2018 Chams Hack& Auto HeadShot at Office Funny! blackshot clan war match

Apr 19, 2016 Clan Wars Season 1 This season will start on May 3rd and will last only for 1 month. The Top 5 clans from the season will be forever immortalized on this CS61: Clan Wars page.

FlaggingFarming in Blackshot terms, is not allowed and strongly discouraged amongst players. Game Fixing includes killing players repeatedly who aren't moving or are Away From Keyboard (AFK), as well as taking turns to flag without any actual combat ongoing. 4. 12. B Game Fixing Flagging Clan Match BlackShot is a fastpaced free to play modern military FPS. Join the BlackShot battlefield today!blackshot clan war match You can only find clans that are claimed in WarMatch. Us Your Clans. Please login. You must login to see your clan(s) show up here. Login. Top Clans based past 10 nonfriendly wars. poorkidgoes2war (16)# PY280UU8 463 140 97. 49 47 members 0 wars 106 confirmed. Overlords (10)#

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Blackshot clan war match free

Hello soldiers, BlackShot Global celebrates this month 10 years and to celebrate this very special date and achievement we not only prepared several epic events but we will also organize the new clan tournament BlackShot 10th Anniversary Commemorative Tournament! On this topic you will find all the updated BlackShot 10th Anniversary Commemorative Tournament Match Schedules and Results. blackshot clan war match If a Clan is reported with valid and obvious evidence of hacking in Clan War without a report from their own clan members, all clan members that are on that particular match, will all be in risk of ban. This ban, might go from 15 to 60 days.