Slanging match meaning

2020-01-17 13:13

Define slanging match. slanging match synonyms, slanging match pronunciation, slanging match translation, English dictionary definition of slanging match. n Brit a dispute in which insults and accusations are made by each party against the other noun quarrel, row, argument, setto,How can the answer be improved? slanging match meaning

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English Language Learners Definition of slanging match British, informal: an angry argument in which people insult each other See the full definition for slanging match in slanging match definition: an argument in which both people use angry uncontrolled language and insult each other: . Learn more.slanging match meaning slanging match. A bitter argument or dispute in which each side hurls numerous insults, accusations, or verbal abuse at one another. Primarily heard in UK. At first, I thought we were just going through a rough patch in our relationship, but lately, it seems like every night Janet and I get into a slanging match with each other.

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