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2020-02-27 07:14

Oct 22, 2015  Hotline Bling is a 2015 R& B single by the Canadian hip hop artist Drake. Following the release of the songs music video, which features the artist dancing in a colorshifting cubelike structure, it became popular among fans, spawning parodies, remixes, and reaction images.Memes of the Year 2015: If Hotline Bling has proved anything, its that Drake is a master of meme material. The Hotline Bling memes just dont stop. He played Wii Tennis. hotline bling wii tennis meme

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Oct 21, 2015 Everything hiphop! The latest mixtapes, videos, news, and anything else hiphop related from your favorite artists. Oct 22, 2015  Old Meme Shows Strange Pictures of Jennifer Lawrence. Livestream Suicide Video Circulates on 4chan, Reddit. Hotline Bling Drake Playing Wii Tennis Like us on Facebook! Share Pin Tweet PROTIP: Press the and keys to navigate the gallery, 'g' to view the gallery, or 'r' to view ahotline bling wii tennis meme Oct 21, 2015  The Internet has provided you with the DrakeWii Vine meme that you didnt know you needed Hotline Bling has never been more entertaining. Wii Tennis is amazing, but Wii

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If youve been on the internet at all this week, youve been made aware of Drakes Hotline Bling video, as well as the plethora of memes spawned by Drakes dopey dancing. Some of hotline bling wii tennis meme Stream Wii Shop Bling by AmateurRobot from desktop or your mobile device. SoundCloud This sounds better than the original song Hotline Bling. T14: 08: 57Z Comment by Wolf O'Donnell. The one time i'll like a drake song. Drake is the god of memes. Rip Wii shop Oct 21, 2015  Watch Drake Serve Up Hotline Bling on the Tennis Court His new video is an instant Internet sensation, and now Drizzys dancing on the court. (there are also a few seconds of Wii Oct 20, 2015  And Drake's new video for Hotline Bling, released Monday night on Apple Music, is pure memebait: Drake dancing, like a total fool, in silly outfits with beautiful Mar 15, 2018  Remember how popular the Wii Tennis version of the dance became? We do. We do. Polygon has reached out to Epic for comment on whether Drakes Hotline Bling could become an emote in Fortnite.