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Aug 12, 2013 The ten best trumpeters of all time. Like sax players, any discussion of the best trumpeters is likely to involve some of the same names. And that's not happenstance. It's because the playing of those greats is so distinctive, prodigious and influential that it truly stands out among countless other horn players. Keep reading for a rundown of the ten best trumpeters of all time.Maurice Murphy was the greatest British symphony orchestra trumpet player of the 20th Century. He was the Principal Trumpet of the BBC Philharmonic from and the Principal Trumpet of the London Symphony Orchestra from 1977 to 2007. In addition to being a best cuban trumpet players

Aug 24, 2017 And this may seem like a very shallow answer and no disrespect to the many great players out their today but in my opinion Arturo Sandoval is still probably the best latin trumpet player in the world by a long shot. Arturo has every single style of latin music mastered and just has that perfect aggressive soulful sound.

Jul 01, 2013 Elpidio Chapotn Delgado is reputed to be one of the great Cuban trumpet players of all time. At the age of 62, he is still determined to take full advantage of life. AFROCUBAN SON TRUMPET IN THE SEPTETO PERIOD: PERFORMANCE PRACTICES AND HISTORICAL CONTEXT By Eric Ferguson Emerging from rural, eastern Cuba in the nineteenth century, the AfroCuban music style son saw great popularity beginning in the 1920s. In the 1930s and beyond,best cuban trumpet players Andy Garcia soulfully portrays the main character, Cuban jazz trumpet player Arturo Sandoval, and is executive producer as well. Garcia's (and Sandoval's) love for Cuba and passion for music (jazz) are evident throughout the story, which is predictible and told in flashbacks.

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Ninth on the list of famous black trumpet players is Kermit Ruffins a black trumpet player once again from America (It would appear that America is the production house for great trumpet players, both black and white! )Kermit Ruffins was born on the 19 th December 1964 and is currently 50 years old. best cuban trumpet players May 24, 2019  Frank Machito Grillo (1908? 1984) was a singer and maracas player from Cuba who moved to New York in 1937 after traveling there while on tour with a Cuban ensemble. Soon he began leading his own band, the AfroCubans, that performed Cuban songs arranged by Dec 10, 2011 4 LATIN JAZZ FAMOUS TRUMPET PLAYERS The Best of Irakere. Sandoval formed his own band in 1981 and became a musical icon. Jerry Gonzalez grew up in the Bronx with a dual musical personality, reflecting his love of both jazz and AfroCuban music. He began playing trumpet in high school, and then later added a mastery of the congas. Aug 19, 2013  This is a list of my topten favorite jazz trumpet players living and playing in our time. By jazz trumpet players, I mean trumpeters who primarily play jazz my list is a little rearguard rather than avantgarde, I am sure you will enjoy listening to these guys if you havent already. Arturo Sandoval is a CubanAmerican jazz trumpeter, pianist and composer. Sandoval, while living in his native Cuba, was influenced by jazz musicians Charlie Parker, Clifford Brown, and Dizzy Gillespie, finally meeting Gillespie later in 1977. Gillespie became a mentor and colleague, playing with Sandoval in concerts in Europe and Cuba and later featuring him in the United Nations Orchestra. Sandoval