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2020-02-21 21:49

Beam Width of a tennis racquet: Thick or Thin? The Beam of a racquet is the area of a racket on either side of its head. In generally the thicker the beam the more power the racket will generate. Image credit: www. tennis101. com Tennis Racquet Length: Longer is better? In general, the length of a tennis racquet is between the ranges of 27 to 28Find the right Tennis Racquet for you with our HEAD Product Advisor based on your preferences, skills and personal attributes. choose head tennis racket

Balance: A racquet can be one of three things when it comes to balance: head light, head heavy or even balanced. A headlight racquet will have more of its mass located toward the handle end of the racquet. Most traditional player's racquets are head light to help keep them feeling maneuverable even though they are the heaviest type of racquet.

Jul 27, 2008  To choose a tennis racquet, look for a racquet made out of graphite or aluminum if you're a beginner, as these are both lightweight materials. Additionally, choose a power racquet with a large head to hit the ball harder. Once your game improves, try a tweener racquet Here are some of the key considerations when selecting the right tennis racket: 1. Racket head size. 2. Racket weight distribution. 3. Grip size. 1. Racket head size. The tennis racket head size refers to the size of the actual hitting area within the tennis racket frame. Tennis racket head sizes are usually defined as follows: Midsize 8094 square incheschoose head tennis racket If you ignore all the marketing blurb from the brands for a minute, there are only 3 basic types of adult tennis rackets: Generally speaking, powerful rackets are lightweight, with larger head sizes and have a thick beam. More control oriented rackets are heavier, with smaller head sizes and thin beams.

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