Top 10 players nba 2k12

2020-01-20 14:37

Sep 27, 2011 Official NBA 2K12 ratings released and we all know that a PFC with a 99 3pt rating would be one of the best players of alltime (and certainly a very valuable commodity in the NBA where every team now utilizes a stretch PF . TOP 10 NBA 2K12 98 LeBron James 96 Dwyane Wade 94 Kobe Bryant 93 Chris Paul 93 Dwight Howard 92Oct 06, 2011  List of NBA 2K12 Team& NBA's Greatest Ratings The East's Top 9 is down to a T when you look beyond the overall rating. It's clear that Miami is extremely overrated. In my most recent sim they went 739. They're good, but they're not that good. NBA 2K12 List of NBA's Greatest Player top 10 players nba 2k12

Oct 25, 2011 NBA 2K12: Top Five Players by Position. Shooting Guard Kobe Bryant (Los Angeles Lakers) The shooting guard position was essentially a tossup between Kobe Bryant and Dwayne Wade. Kobe eventually won out. He has a 90 rating on offense and 86 rating on defense, which doesn't seem all too high for the Black Mamba,

Sep 28, 2011 LeBron James, SF Miami. NBA 2K12 has chosen to give James a rating of, virtually saying that he's the perfect player. While he's certainly proven unstoppable at times in real life and far more frequently on the digital hardwood, there are too many shortcomings in his approach to call him a near perfect talent. He's the top dog on top 10 players nba 2k12

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