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The song began with a single word that Thomas and cowriter Matt Serletic chanced upon while trying a songwriting exercise in an New York City hotel room. The Matchbox Twenty frontman recalled: Me and Matt Serletic came to meet with Jason Flom, head of Lava records. We were staying at the Wellington. He bailed on us. He couldn't make the meeting.Rob Thomas is most famous for his role as lead singer in Matchbox 20 MatchBox Twenty. However, after the band dismembered in the early part of the new century, Rob Thomas was signed as a solo artist. matchbox 20 meaning of songs

First, Love the song, and not may of the people who hear Matchbox 20's new song have heard it. (From my experience. ) I think that: This song is about two friends, a

Jul 12, 2017  Go behind the lyrics you know by heart. Matchbox Twenty s megaselling debut album, Yourself or Someone Like You, turned 20 years old last year. To celebrate, the poprock heavyweights are hitting the road this summer for the Brief History of Everything Tour. In advance of the trekwhich kicks off tonight in Spokane, Jan 07, 2009 What is the meaning of the song Unwell by Matchbox 20? Can any1 temme some soft luv songs that are kinda depressing n sad songsbut not enirely, if u know wat i mean? Any songs which have a special meaning to you, like they've been written for you?matchbox 20 meaning of songs Mr. Pitters from Funky Touwn, Ca do you mean Henson? Brittany from Richmond, Ky one of my favorite songs from matchbox twenty! it just makes you want to listen to it and think about its message. Ashley from Jackson, Mi There is a version of this song that is just piano and it's beautiful. There is almost a mini break down, and it's amazing.

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Rob Thomas explains the meaning behind Matchbox 20 songs including Bent, Crutch and Mad Season. matchbox 20 meaning of songs Everything is wonderful now but this song reminds me of myself back then. The clock on the wall has been stuck at 3 for days and daysShe thinks that happiness is a mat that sits on her dooryway Genius. When I was younger I hated every single Matchbox 20 song but now that I'm older& understand the meanings. . I love almost every one of their Interested in the deeper meanings of Matchbox 20 songs? So are we. Matchbox 20 song meanings and interpretations with user discussion.