Tcl match empty line

2020-02-21 21:24

Aug 28, 2017 I have multiple html files and some of them have some blank lines, I need a regex to remove all blank lines and leave only one blank line. . So it removes anything more than one blank line, and leave those that are just one or none (none like in having text in them).remove blank lines before lines beginning with string. 2. Text Widget: removing blank lines. 3. blank lineslines with spaces (how to remove) 4. Removing data between blank lines. 5. Want to remove multiple occurances of blank line from a file. 6. Removing trailing blanks. 7. Remove Leading Blanks. 8. Removing multiple blanks. 9. challenge tcl match empty line

If charIndex is less than 0 or greater than or equal to the length of the string then this command returns an empty string. Any of the valid forms for an ordinary integer in Tcl, with optional surrounding whitespace. See if pattern matches string; return 1 if it does, 0 if it does not.

Regular expressions provide a very powerful method of defining a pattern, but they are a bit awkward to understand and to use properly. So let us examine some more examples in detail. We start with a simple yet nontrivial example: finding floatingpoint numbers in a line of text. Do not worry: we will keep the problem simpler than it is in its The syntax above is supported in Tcl 8. 1. Tcl 8. 1 also supports advanced regular expressions (AREs). These powerful expressions are introduced in more detail in Part Two. Briefly, though, AREs support backreferences, lookahead, nongreedy matching, many escapes, features that are useful for internationalization (handling collation elements, equivalence classes and character classes), andtcl match empty line Apr 22, 2005 Hi All, I want to do a small thing. I have a file file. txt The file is like below. my name is abc. asklda addas asdasda. asdas Here in above file i want to replace multiple \n with only one \n .

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