How to use carbon paper and tracing wheel

2020-02-18 04:51

Slip the carbon paper, color side down, under the pattern piece. 4. Roll your tracing wheel along the pattern piece, rolling it along the line for your size. If youre working with a larger pattern piece, youll need to maneuver the carbon paper around the edges, working one section at a time. 5. Trace the pattern markings, like notches and darts.Roll the tracing wheel along the pattern lines corresponding to your size, moving the dressmaker's carbon around as you need to until you've transferred all the cutting lines from all the pattern pieces. You can also use dressmaker's carbon to transfer darts, notches and other markings. how to use carbon paper and tracing wheel

Nov 27, 2018  Now place the whole piece on a carbon paper and trace all the pattern lines with the tracing wheel. How to transfer sewing patterns to fabric (tracing wheel, soap, chalk, thread) When you turn the second pocket piece over, youll see that all the necessary lines are traced on

Mar 28, 2014  You can use carbon tracing paper the same way to mark onto your substrate of choice: oaktag, freezer paper, gridded pattern paper, or fabric, whether muslin for fitting or your fashion fabric. You stack substrate, tracing paper (face down), and pattern, then trace over the pattern lines with a Oct 25, 2012 Instead, use any sort of paper and position the carbon paper face down on top of the paper. Then tape the pattern sheet over of the layers and trace the size you need with the smooth tracing wheel. This will transfer the pattern lines to the paper with a nice, dark, legible to use carbon paper and tracing wheel

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