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NFL Network is getting into the college football business, and its deal with Conference USA is a big win for the players.As of 2014, and even though the numbers fluctuate year to year and have evolved in time, the 10year period beginning in 2005 shows that the Southeastern Conference has the most drafted players participating in the National Football League. During this period, the SEC had 430 players drafted during the annual NFL Draft. Keep Learning. nfl football players by college conference

Here are various breakdowns of how schools and conferences are represented on active NFL rosters. By conference. Total players: SEC 309, ACC 239, Big Ten 224, Pac12 220, Big 12 132, American 98

Apr 26, 2019  2019 NFL Draft by conference. SEC 9; ACC 7; Big Ten 7; Big 12 3; Pac12 3 Independent 1 AAC 1 FCS 1 2019 NFL Draft by college team. Alabama 3; Clemson 258 rows  Apr 26, 2018  2018 NFL Draft results by college: Alabama leads the way and breaks itsnfl football players by college conference NFL Players by College Conference An authoritative and objective source for how BCS conferences stack up against each other is the NFL. You can throw out all the Sign In

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The SEC is once again loaded with talent on all four levels of the allconference team. Alabama leads the way with 13 selections on the 2019 AllSEC team, with Florida, Georgia and Auburn in the nfl football players by college conference Apr 29, 2019  Then, when the NFL draft results started pouring in, the ringing only got louder. When the 2017 draft ended, the league had only 14 players selectedan average of 1. 4 per team. From Abiliene Christian to Wyoming, find out where every active NFL pro football player spent his college days. Sep 11, 2018 Final 53man rosters were announced for the start of the NFL season, and among the 32 NFL teams, there are almost 1, 700 players on roster. Almost all started at an NCAA school. The league beat last season with 17 players drafted two more than in 2017 led by the first round selection of UCF CB Mike Hughes by Minnesota and the second round picks of SMU WR Courtland Sutton by Denver and WR Anthony Miller of Memphis by Chicago.