Famous number 9 football players

2019-08-25 09:05

What famous NFL players have worn the number 9? Carson PalmerCincinnati Bengals Steve McNairTitans Tony RomoCowboys Jim McMahonBears Drew BreesSaints David GarradJaguarsMar 04, 2018 Well when brazilians began to dominate world soccer they also brought their number by position , as far as I know they were the ones who popularized this. This meant that each position would wear the number that matched their position. Striker famous number 9 football players

Two players to wear the famous 14 number jersey are Theo walcott and Thierry Henry. Read More

Apr 28, 2015 Luis Suarez. The Uruguayan is joined in the Nou Camp attack by Neymar and Lionel Messi, but both of those players are not traditional number 9's. Suarez has had an increasingly impressive debut campaign in La Liga, netting 19 times in 36 appearances. Oct 07, 2007 Answers. Oldest Best Answer: 9 Ronaldo (full name Ronaldo Luis Nazrio de Lima) but only known by his first name. he was one of the greatest soccer players of all time, still plays but not as good. Probably the most famous and recognized player in the world, second to maybe Pele. He played for Brazil and Real Madrid for most of his career.famous number 9 football players Aug 30, 2016  Behind The Numbers: From 19, The Best College Football Player To Wear Each Number. Um, hell no. The powers of No. 2 helped propel Woodson into one of the best football players in college football history. Sure, his talent, skill and hard work played a (large) part, but

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