One strings tennis

2020-04-07 03:52

ONE SPORTS s. r. l. via Nazario Sauro, 7 Bergamo, Italia P. IVAMar 03, 2014 One Strings is an Italian tennis brand that is starting to work towards the global tennis market. For their rackets they use white for all their frame designs with a trademark in different color grommets. All their rackets have a high stiffness rating which is a typical feature for modern and spinfriendly stroke mechanics. one strings tennis

Jan 12, 2019  Tecnifibre XOne Biphase. As a multifilament tennis string, Tecnifibre XOne Biphase is a technological powerhouse with features like PU 400 and Elastyl that help deliver more power with ease. Its also an incredibly comfortable string to play with, which makes it an excellent choice for players with tennis elbow as well as an exceptional

Racquet Review: One Strings Spin Deeper 315g One Strings is an Italian tennis equipment manufacturer that only this month started offering their racquets here in the States. One of our racquet How can the answer be improved?one strings tennis May 05, 2014  Ive previously reviewed the new Italian racket brands spin model Spindeeper 300 which was a very pleasant surprise and proved that you can be innovative and new in the congested tennis gear market. Now I have also thoroughly tested their topoftheline tennis string, the One Strings

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