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Backhand Slice: The backhand slice is very similar to a backhand volley. As such, the key to a consistent backhand slice is also the locked L position of the wrist throughout the swing. In addition, the forearm and upper arm should be straight at the time of impact.Christina McHale (born May 11, 1992) is an American tennis player. Her highestever WTA rankings are No. 24 in singles and No. 35 in doubles. Known for an aggressive baseline game, McHale has been recognized by The New York Times for her booming groundstrokes and fast footwork. mccraw tennis


Peter McCraw. Peter founded the CBD Model Competitive Based Development for Tennis. He is a worldrenowned developmental coach, coach educator and leading tennis researcher. Peter mentors coaches, conducts developmental player assessments and project manages players of all ages. Mar 06, 2012 McCraw has a website where he has posted separate and more detailed studies for both boys and girls. The site also includes more on the advancing age topic. The site also includes more on the advancing age topic.mccraw tennis A Fully Intergrated Tennis Philosophy. Melbournes first private tennis academy delivering a fully integrated player development environment. With only High Performance qualified and elite talent development experienced coaches involved the team and the program at Discovery Tennis is world class.

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Peter McCraw: Director of Coaching and Athlete Development Peter is an expert in worldclass athlete development. He founded The McCraw Method and is a leading tennis researcher, worldrenowned developmental coach and is available for exclusive private coaching services to individual players. mccraw tennis Allistair McCaw. A fitness expert with over 17 years experience, Allistair has trained a host of world champion athletes including Grand Slam Tennis champions, PGA Golfers and Olympians. Allistairs expertise in movement& agility training has seen both the world number 1 players in Tennis The ATP pro landscape is becoming more polarized. What I mean by this is that the ATP tour used to be the exclusive realm of players who Roast Battles with Julie Seabaugh. By Peter McGraw on June 5, 2019. Julie Seabaugh is the only fulltime freelance comedy journalist in the United States. She has contributed to Rolling Stone, The Hollywood Reporter, GQ, Variety, Entertainment Weekly, The A. V. Club, The Peter McCraw is one of the most respected coaches in tennis. He has worked with some of the greats of the modern era such as Tommy Haas and Maria Sharapova. Here is a picture showing the founders of Aceify with our two ambassadors (Leon and Peter).