Highest paid players in usa

2020-02-27 08:23

With great wealth comes great responsibility. And that maxim applies to the soccer field as much as it does to the board room. So when you are one of the highest paid soccer players of 2018, youThe NFL's highestpaid players for the most part are quarterbacks, with a few defensive players sneaking into the top 25. Here are the richest players in the league based on average annual salary. highest paid players in usa

To see the 34 NFL quarterbacks who make 5 million a year in average salary, ranked from highest average salary to lowest, click here. Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers is among the highest paid

Washington Nationals pitcher Max Scherzer will be the highestpaid player in baseball this season. Scherzer is set to make more than 42 million in 2019. Jun 08, 2019 The Chicago Bears are poised to make a strong push for the Super Bowl in 2019, and a big reason why is general manager Ryan Pace's manipulation of the salary cap. Here's a look at the 10 highesthighest paid players in usa

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