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Best ads by Specsavers. Showing results: 118 of 24. Filtering results by: Specsavers Ad TypesThe Girl in the advert is not Ivica Slavikova. Her name is in fact Jess Ransom. The First clue that it isn't someone from Slovakia is her accent in the Advert. specsavers advert workout girl

Specsavers Zumba Workout (30 seconds) If it's jerky first time you view it, it's probably because of your connection speed. Doh. Play it a second time and it should be smoother. Similarly to most other organisations, Specsavers clearly recognises TV as an essential tool for getting their voice heard by a

Specsavers advertising, marketing campaigns and videos. A collection of the best Specsavers creative work, such as advertising, marketing campaigns and videos. Specsavers workout by Specsavers Creative. Specsavers 'sauna' by Specsavers Creative. October 17, 2011. Specsavers is launching a TV ad starring Gordon Ramsay to promote its Oct 25, 2013 Shake what your mother gave ya this is a keep fit session nobody's going to forget in a hurry.specsavers advert workout girl Jan 10, 2016  Specsavers Workout Commercial Song Sexy and I Know It by American electronic dance music duo LMFAO. This is a commercial ad of Specsavers. This commercial was released in October 2013 in United Kingdom. Under the title of Specsavers: Workout.

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Specsavers' latest 'Should've' TV commercial, 'Workout directed by Hungryman's Tim Bullock, pits the active against the notsoactive in a myopic mistake. The campaign breaks in the UK during ITV's X Factor on Saturday, when it will also be made available across social platforms and the XFactor voting app. specsavers advert workout girl Oct 26, 2013 Ad of the Day: Specsavers Workout. Fearless Girl statue disappears from New York's streets. Video Everything you need to know: Programmatic 2. 0 The value of the middle path. Video Nov 02, 2013 [fun Specsavers Workout Ad Lesley Burroughs. Loading Unsubscribe from Lesley Burroughs? Specsavers Over 60's TV ad Duration: 0: 31. SpecsaversOfficial 426, 569 views. Oct 26, 2011 The advert is sexist as it is only women who are shown are being sexualised. I was shocked and upset when I saw this advert as I already hate the Lynx advert that this has been 'inspired' by. I was happy when that advert stopped being aired (not that the others are any better) and now there is this advert by specsavers.