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With CanAm ATVs, sidebyside vehicles, and roadsters, BRP is carrying on a long tradition of conquests. More than 30 years ago, the world discovered the CanAm brand through revolutionary motocross bikes. BRP has since withdrawn from that market, but the CanAm legend and winning spirit live on with passion and exhilaration.The first period was from 1966 to 1974. It was the most famous CanAm era. Eligible group 7 sports racing cars were almost totally unrestricted and they were the quickest cars in the world at the time quicker then F1 or sportscars running in the World Championship. Many top F1 drivers took part in the CanAm of those days. can am racing history

The Canadian American Challenge Cup was a joint effort of two clubs: the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) and the Canadian Automobile Sports Club (CASC). It continued in its original form through 1974. In 1971, it was officially recognized by the FIA giving it international prestige. The CanAm series began in 1966 with two races in Canada

CanAm Racing Series gearing up as the 24hrs of Daytona draws near Bergeron comes from deep to win Day After Turkey Night Grand Prix! Wilson closes out 2018 a champ! Heileman charges to Volusia victory! 2nd Annual Day After Turkey Night Grand Prix Announced; Wilson, Daeffler and Wood lock themselves in at Phoenix! CanAm racing is a relief from the iron band of the rule book. Mark Donohue Rolling Thunder: Very few things pounded your senses like the start of a CanAm race during its heyday like this first lap at Edmonton in 1973.can am racing history Oct 25, 2016  The CanAm cars evolved from those used in SCCAs U. S. Road Racing Championship (USRRC) series, which mostly involved stuffing a highpowered American V8 into lightweight racing chassis.

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RSC website is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors. Please, turn off or otherwise disable your Ad Blocking software can am racing history How can the answer be improved? Feb 05, 2016  In 1966, the SCCAs U. S. Road Racing Championship spun off a new series, created in cooperation with the Canadian Automobile Sports Club (CASC). Officially called the CanadianAmerican Challenge Cup, or CanAm for short, the series would go on to become, arguably, the greatest form of motor racing the world has ever known. CanAm started out as a race series for group 7 sports racers with two races in Canada (Can) and four races in the United States of America (Am). The series was initially sponsored by Johnson Wax. The series was governed by rules called out under the FIA group 7 category with unrestricted engine capacity and few other technical restrictions. The Demise of CanAm. As admitted directly by Bombardier (see History), CanAms glory only lasted three years. Commencing in 1973, the focus of Bombardier had already waned by 1976. In that short timeperiod, CanAm achieved incredible success. In the competitive world of motorcycle racing, technical development and risk taking are often