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Wii Play, released as Your First Step to Wii (Wii, Hajimete no U) in Japan, is a party video game developed and published by Nintendo for the Wii console. It was released as a launch game for the console in Japan, Europe, and Australia, and was released in North America in February 2007.Find Mii. Find Mii is one of the nine games found in the Wii video game Wii Play and the second unlockable game. This game uses some of the Miis from the console along with the Miis from the game itself. The object of the game is to point the Wii Remote at the screen and try to find certain Miis that the game asks you to find. The player has a time limit on how much time heshe has to find the wii play find mii 2 players

Oct 14, 2011 Hello Everyone, welcome to the Wii Play High Scores Thread. This thread was created for all Wii Play players to showcase their high scores and Wii Play skill. Although Wii Play was criticised by many, I am sure that many people would have bought and are currently enjoying Wii Play.

Feb 12, 2007 In Wii Play, the star of the game is you! Create your own personal Mii character with the Wii console's builtin Mii Channel and then play as yourself in this compilation of nine simple, fun games During a single player game in the Shooting Range, press a button on a second Wiimote. You will now have two sets of crosshairs, and if you are quick enough, twice the shots. From: Randy Rowland. Mii movements. At the main menu, select your Mii and it will do different things. If you select its right arm, it will give you a thumbs up.wii play find mii 2 players Nov 08, 2014  The disc will only allow me to play 2 games. When looking at the disc in the sunlight I can see circles on the disc which I don't see on any of my other Wii discs. I have many other Wii games that I have no problem with. This disc is obviously defective. I have been trying for some time now to get it

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Wii Play is compilation of nine different games demonstrating the Wii's unique controller. It is similar to Wii Sports, with simple gameplay and simple graphics that use the avatar created on the Mii Channel. The game is bundled with the Wii Remote for free. A sequel was made later for Wii wii play find mii 2 players Wii Play features nine seperate minigames! Every game features a multiplayer mode, so you and your friends can compete for the high score or go head to head to see who's the best. Shooting Range, a pointandfire game of target practice in the Duck Hunt tradition.