Mof matcha parfait

2020-01-27 16:11

Though green tea parfaits are available all over Japan, those with green tea from Kyoto have completely different richness. Especially, green tea ice cream put in all parfait is certainly richer than HagenDazs! Please make sure to try the texture of green tea jelly too! You will definitely want to visit Kyoto again to eat green tea parfaits.Aug 07, 2017  Matcha is enjoying a boom in popularity around the world at the moment, and when it comes to sweets containing the earthy green ingredient, Japan has been leading the way with all sorts of creative offerings, like HagenDazs green tea fondue sandwich and even a matcha mof matcha parfait

Jun 11, 2018  V y, 1 ly Matcha 69k mang m cht MOF, ung cc k ngon nh. Parfait Matcha 129k. 1 ly nh vy nhn ht sc honh trng ha. Roll Cake 89k. n mi ngon lm sao. V cn thm 1 mn mn tako salad 135k. ng bng lm sao, ha hn 1 ngy no li gh MOF na nh MOF i.

Matcha Parfait Imagine this: a layer of kanten jelly, whipped cream, softserved vanilla icecream, red bean paste, Hoji syrup and corn flakes. They give the perfect texture to this parfait! MOF is also combined with Lena's, so you can choose between both Western and Japanese fare all in one space. The sundaes at MOF are my favourite, with a lovely selection of matcha desserts and drinks. This is a green tea haven that you mustn't miss out on! I ordered a Matcha Kurian (8. 80), Matcha Sundae (8. 80) and a Latte (3. 80).mof matcha parfait Parfait Layers. In two separate glasses, first put in a small scoop of vanilla ice cream on the bottom, then pour over some Matcha Pandan Syrup (about a Tbsp) and then 1 mochi ball. Cover that with a scoop of Matcha ice cream and then add in the crunch which is the Matcha granola in the middle and a

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