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Aug 16, 2013 The only race I have seen more than a handful of Clydes in is the Sea Otter. The races local to me usually have 1(me) to maybe 5 or 6 riders in the Clydesdale class. Clydesdale is sort of a weird class because you can have a guy 6'6 , 205 and 25 years old racing against (me) 5'10 , 225 and 47 years old. Not exactly fair but thats the rules.Experienced mountain bike riders have 4 hours to see how many laps they can do. Riders must start their last lap before 4 hrs. This race runs simultaneously with other classes. Open Men, Open Women: Category 1234: Gear West Sport: 11: 00 AM: Mountain bikers who ride recreationally and are new to racing (approx. 15 miles75 minutes). clydesdale class mountain bike racing

Clydesdale Chris MTB uploaded a video 2 months ago Michigan CPS Big M Mountain Bike Race 2017 Sport Class Clydesdale Win Duration: 1 hour, Michigan CPS Mountain Bike Race

Number 5 Best XC Race Mountain Bikes for Clydesdales: One step up from the above SLX model. For only 200 more, go all XT, and shave a little more weight and get even better quality components. . At only 24. 25 pounds, and at a cost of 2K, what a steal for an all carbon frame from a reliable brand with a top of the line RockShox SID fork and RaceFace Affect wheelset. SINGLE SPEED CLASS You ride a single speed bike! Women and Men open. ELITE CLASS Typically race CAT 2 or CAT 1 at other races. This class is fast with 4 laps for experienced and accomplished racers. A Few Things To Note. Over the Hump is a recreational race, based on the guiding principle: HAVE FUN.clydesdale class mountain bike racing Aug 05, 2011 Mountain bike Clydesdale race vs. regular? Did a Clydesdale class at a DH race and finished 1: 47 ahead of the second place finisher so I exempted myself from prize contention since I was clearly racing too low a class. Can you use a mountain bike for a road race? More questions.

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Clydesdales don't horse around By Lynne Tolman Bicycling is one thing that helped Jim Brady of Somerville get his weight down to a healthy level. But at 6 feet tall and 205 pounds, he's a Clydesdale. That's the category in Eastern Fat Tire Association mountain bike races for riders who weigh over 200 pounds. While the other classes novice clydesdale class mountain bike racing Masters Men 6064, 6569, 70 and over, Masters Women 5059, 60 and over Womens Open and Open Fat Bike will race with the Sports and do the Sport course and distance. Open Womens class will race in the Sport race. Open Single Speed and Open Clydesdale will race