Excel sort two columns to match

2019-12-13 10:33

How can the answer be improved?You can compare two columns and sort a column to match the value in another column with formula in Excel. 1. You need to create a help column to place the matched values. Please select a blank cell in the help column, enter formula into the Formula Bar, and then press the Enter key. See screenshot: Notes: 1). excel sort two columns to match

Oct 25, 2013 Using Excel to match up two different columns will require you to go back to the original table that you've been working with. Use Excel to match up two different columns with help from a

Jul 26, 2013 Re: Matching and Sorting with Two Columns The LineEmUp macro on that other thread was custom designed to match rows with like value in ascending order. I've looked at your attachment and it doesn't seem to be that at all. To sort rows to match another column, here is a formula can help you. 1. Select a blank cell next to the column you want to resort, for instance B1, and then enter this formula MATCH(A1, C: C, FALSE), and drag autofill handle down to apply this formula. See screenshot:excel sort two columns to match So in the end: Column A has 213 Column B has 213 Match rows using key in Column B to align with values in Stationary Column A. I tried a Custom Sort using Column A as custom Sort list. When I do the sort, it does not seem to order the rows in that custom order.

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The one query that I get a lot is how to compare two columns in Excel? . This can be done in many different ways, and the method to use will depend on the data structure and what the user wants from it. For example, you may want to compare two columns and find or highlight all the matching excel sort two columns to match Excel: how to align matching values between two columns and space out the differences. Is there any way to align matching values between the two columns, whilst adding blank cells where differences exist, so that I get an end result like this: Excel macro to sort two columns side by side. 0.