Fahrenheit 451 match cover

2019-12-09 21:56

Pleasure to Read: The Best Editions of Fahrenheit 451. Jesse Doogan. It was a project by artist Elizabeth Perez, who screenprinted the spine of the book so that the match she embedded in the cover would be able to strike on it. Its an edition of F451 that is made to burn.Mar 07, 2013 A Unique Fahrenheit 451 Book Cover With a Match and Striking Paper Along the Spine. by Kimber Streams at 9: 59 AM on March 7, 2013 fahrenheit 451 match cover

If you haven't read it, Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451 is about a dystopian future where books are illegal and destroyed in an attempt to suppress the populace. And as the title implies: fire is

Mar 13, 2013  Custom Fahrenheit 451 Book Cover Dares You To Burn It. It includes a match standing in for the 1 and the spine is designed to allow you to light the match. You have everything you need to burn itbut hopefully if youre the sort whos buying a copy, that thought would make you cringe as How can the answer be improved?fahrenheit 451 match cover Mar 06, 2013  The cover was created for the portfolio school The Austin Creative Department, so no word yet on whether Ballantine, Fahrenheit 451s publisher, has any plans to make this design a reality. If they did, it would certainly make a great companion piece to the limitededition 1953 printing of the book that one was bound in fireproof asbestos!

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