Has john cena ever submitted in a match

2020-04-05 17:48

Feb 05, 2017 Yes, John Cena has lost matches with tap outs or else submission. Ankle Lock, The Crippler Crossface were those two moves that made John Cena loose by Submission. Since than John Cena has never lost a match via submission and it's been more than 14 years since then.7 Times John Cena Did Actually Give Up. Much to the chagrin many a fan, John Cena is nigh on invincible. Aside from the SummerSlam trouncing from Brock Lesnar, its difficult to remember the last time the 15time world champion actually lost clean, thus making him one of the most protected WWE Superstars that weve ever seen. has john cena ever submitted in a match

Jan 17, 2011 You love John Cena? Are you 10? Yes he has submitted againt Chris Benoit. Edit: Also, John Cena was not in the Montreal Screwjob 2. 0 . It was CM Punk and Undertaker. You must be a 10 year old with a mental illness.

submitted 2 years ago by JustATributeCC Ren Dupree Can Suck A Dick The man's done it all but the one thing he hasn't done is win the IC Title, as we all know. But, has he even had a match How can the answer be improved?has john cena ever submitted in a match Mar 02, 2018 John Cena has competed in nearly every stipulation WWE has to offer, including these six unique matches. Get your first month of WWE Network for FREE: http: Skip navigation

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